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Visa Cards are the most popular credit cards in the world - universally accepted, recognized everywhere. Visa first introduced the concept of credit cards and debit cards; terminology that will be immediately recognizable today by anyone with bank account.

Today, visa is a name associated with trust and security. The use of credit or debit cards by Visa is widely popular with people from all around the world. They do also sometimes pass through with US players as well. However, there is nor guarantee with this.

The method of using credit cards is simple and extremely straightforward. The credit card issuer, usually a bank or a financial institution of some kind, issues a plastic card with a magnetic stripe. The card has an etched number on the card, which uniquely identifies the credit card and its user. The card also carries an expiry date, which is used during transactions. For online transactions, the account holder enters the credit card number and the expiry date for verification.

There are a lot of benefits associated with Visa credit cards, right from security enhancements to things as mundane as discounts on grocery items.


Visa places great emphasis on security, and it does not even stop there. In the case of fraudulent usage or identity theft, Visa offers something known as Zero Liability. The Zero Liability features applies when the credit is stolen or used for online purchases that have taken place without the knowledge of the authorized user. Essentially, for these particular transactions, the customer does not have to pay, seeing as he hasn’t approved them.

Visa also has the facility of emergency cash reimbursement. This is a great feature for people whose cards have been misplaced or stolen. The card holder either gets a replacement card within 24 hours, or gets an advance in cash till the replacement card arrives.


Visa has some of the lowest interest rates that are available on credit cards. The fees for the subscription of the Visa credit card vary depending on the financial institution that issues the credit card. Many will charge just a nominal annual fee, usually to cover processing charges; however there are those that have a monthly subscription fee. More often that not, both kinds of charges are comparable to each other.

There are even those institutions that will offer the credit card free of charge to encourage additional custom.

Customer Support

Visa customer support is perhaps unparalleled in terms of service. The service is prompt and completely user oriented. Customer care operatives are available to the client at any point of the day, regardless of weekends and holidays. This feature will especially come in handy in the case of misplaced or lost cards.

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