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Netspend is basically a debit card; an easy to use, universally accepted debit card that allows a user to have one without going through the lengthy procedure of opening a bank account. There are three different kinds of cards that are available for use; firstly the straightforward debit card, a gift card, which is along the lines of a gift certificate, and a travel card, which is a boon for frequent travelers.

This is one of the payment options that still welcomes all players and is accepted at many online casinos. It has reliable service and secure transactions.

How to Use It

Netspend debit cards have preloaded funds. This means that the card has only as much money as what the card holder wants to transfer into it.

It is a Visa card, so it is accepted in lieu of all credit cards, whether an online or physical stores. The debit card is rechargeable with funds, whereas the gift card has a determined amount that cannot be altered. The travel card is a combination of the two with a limited number of recharges that is allowed.

The registration procedure could not be any simpler, with a form and one proof identity being all that is required. There are no credit checks that take place, and the proof of identity is only required to prevent fraudulent applications of any kind. The applications need to be submitted to the authorized distributors, and the card is then received within 7-10 working days.


As with any monetary transaction, security is a very important concern for the Netspend cards. The usual security features that are applicable to any normal credit or debit card, also apply to Netspend debit cards. A PIN (personal identification number) is issued to the card holder to be used verify monetary transactions. This PIN number shouldn’t be shared with anyone, nor should it be kept close to the card itself.

If the card is lost or stolen, a report made instantly to the customer service centre will ensure an immediate account block, and so a card holder’s funds are completely secured.


The fees levied for the Netspend cards are slightly steep, especially for the various tiers of customers. The service charges are monthly, in contrast to annual account fees of most other payment options. Withdrawing from an ATM can cost anywhere from $2.00 to $4.95, according to the location – local or international, with ATM owner fees added on separately.

Customer Service

The Netspend customer service is extremely prompt with requests for information and assistance immediately forthcoming. The customer service is accessible through email and via telephone. The only caveat is the timings; the customer service is not available throughout the day, or even 7 days a week. Accounts can be maintained over email, Internet, SMS, telephone and through distributors. Convenience is the key here, without too many systems and processes.

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