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Perhaps one of the worlds’s most widely used credit cards, MasterCard needs no introduction. MasterCard is an esteemed financial institution with links to over twenty five thousand other institutions that issue their cards in conjunction with credit card accounts.

List of casinos that accept MasterCard casino deposits:

With MasterCard credit cards, it is possible to transfer money with great ease online. If a credit card is being used then the card is assigned a certain monthly limit. This limit puts a cap on the user’s spending, and is akin to borrowing that much money from a financial institution for a period of a month. Most banks link credit cards to other accounts within that bank, and present a bill at the end of the month. Based on the other accounts a user may have in that particular institution, the limits of the credit card can be increased or decreased, usually at the discretion of the financial institution.

Essentially using a credit card is like having a loan, with the option of paying a certain amount immediately and clearing the rest in equal monthly installments, at a nominal interest rate.

Using MasterCard is extremely straightforward; the card usually comes etched with a credit card number and an expiry date. When using the card online, one needs to enter the number and the expiry date to transact.


Most financial institutions advise against using credit cards for online transactions, but with the security that is now implemented in online transactions, the risk is considerably minimized. Banks will replace cards and deactivate numbers with one phone call; this has the effect of giving the user a sense of security in relation to their funds.

MasterCard has additionally added a new dimension to enhance security for online users: a SecureCode. This code is registered by the credit card holder with the financial institution who has issued the card. Then during any subsequent transactions, the SecureCode needs to be entered to complete the transaction, much like an ATM pin number.


The MasterCard credit card fees vary from one financial institution to another. Some institutions will even offer the cards free of charge, under a promotion for another product, although most charge a nominal annual fee for the card usage. The other expenses related to the credit card are the charged levied when paying off the sums in equal monthly installments. This is essentially the interest that the financial institution earns.

Of late, MasterCard has faced a great deal of criticism regarding their credit card fee structure. These however relate to the overseas use of MasterCard credit cards in European stores.

Customer Support

Prompt, efficient and round the clock customer support is available with MasterCard. The staff is also pleasant and informative and ready to help with any problem that a customer may face.

Most of the casinos accept MasterCard but it depends whether the transaction will follow through or not.

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