"1 hour free play time" and free spins casinos

The free spins features in online video slots games is one of the most popular features of these games. The idea has been borrowed by many online casinos and turned into a promotional tool, which has created the concept of free spins casinos.

How Free Spins Casinos Work: Using the free spins offers at free spins casinos could not be simpler. All you have to do is register at the casino and redeem the promotional offer. How the promotion works exactly will depend on the exact nature of the promotion and the wagering limits that are attached to it. There are different types of promotions offered by free spins casinos and below we will look at the concepts behind some of these.

Free Money Plus Limited Time: A trend is growing for online casinos to offer free money that a player can use at the casino to play the slots game, plus a limited amount of time to use it in. At the end of the allotted time, players will be able to keep their winnings. This form of free spins promotion allows players to play on any slots games or move around if they feel like it. While there is a time limit placed on the free spins, players can stop spinning at any time.

Free Spins at a Certain Time on a Specific Game: Many free spins casinos offer a set promotion of free spins on a particular slots game at a set time of the day, week or month. When playing this promotion, you will only be able to play on the slots game that has been set up for the promotion. This may be an ongoing promotion at the free spins casinos. Players will typically not be limited to a certain number of spins; rather this is a race against the clock to earn as much as you can in the set amount of time.

Option of Free Spins as a Bonus: Some free spins casinos will offer their new customers a selection of sign up bonuses. Players may be able to decide which welcome bonus offer suits their playing style and preferences best. An online casino may offer the option of a deposit bonus or a free spins bonus on slots games. This is an ideal offer for slots fans and makes these free spins casinos very attractive.

The Advantages of Playing at Free Spins Casinos: For slots fans, there are many advantages to playing at free spins casinos. The biggest draw card to free spins casino is that they allow you to play their slots games completely for free, while keeping the winnings. Your bankroll can only benefit from playing at free spins casinos as it has the potential to grow without you having to spend any of the bankroll for the opportunity.

The free spins casinos that offer free spins as a sign up bonus give you the opportunity to trial the casino, software and slots games before you commit your bankroll to playing at the casino.

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