Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos offer players, both new and returning, several incentives to play and they do so in the form of bonuses. Casino bonus structures vary widely depending on the type of casino. Microgaming Casinos offer Match Deposits and some even offer No Deposit Bonuses to their new players. When collecting a bonus at a Microgaming Casino, you are sometimes required to send an email to the casino with your purchase amount and they will manually add your bonus. In some Microgaming Casinos, your bonus is added instantly.

With Playtech Casinos, you can collect Match Bonuses at the time of your first purchase and these are added instantly to your casino account. RTG has a system in place that is a little different from most of the other online casinos. RTG Casinos offers a lot of free casino cash with no deposit required and on top of that you can collect a huge Purchase Bonuses, sometimes equaling as much 999% of your purchase.

RTG Casinos give out bonus coupons that you redeem in the casino cashier by typing in the coupon code and selecting “Redeem”. Most of these are added immediately and each time you use these coupons, you must enter the coupon code before you make your purchase. For the sake of their customers, the casinos are very forgiving when it comes to bonus redemption. If you get the order wrong and make the deposit first, just email or call their customer support and they will take care of it and give you the bonus manually. With Odds On as well as most of the rest of the online casinos out there, you just make your purchase then email the casino to collect your bonus.

All casinos require that you meet a minimum wagering requirement before requesting a cash out, when using bonuses. The wagering requirements vary greatly and can be as little as 4 times the amount of the purchase plus bonus, to 20 times the amount of the purchase plus bonus. For instance, if you deposit $100 and collect a $100 bonus, you may be required to wager 10 x $100 for your deposit, plus 10 x $100 for the bonus. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions for any casino you play at as most will restrict the games that you are allowed to play to meet your wagering requirements. These conditions are not always clear especially to the new player. If you have any questions, or can’t locate the wagering requirements for a particular casino, don’t hesitate to contact customer support and ask exactly what the terms are. If you wager on a game or games that are not allowed, you will not be allowed to cash out, and in some cases, your account balance will be zeroed out.

Cashing out when playing on a casino bonus also depends on the casino, but in general, after you’ve met the wagering requirements, you are free to cash out what is left in your account. In some cases, the casinos treat the bonus as a ’sticky’ which means that you can not cash out the amount of the bonus, but are free to cash out anything above that amount.

There are several kinds of casino bonuses available and they vary from casino to casino as far as the terms and conditions and other policies, but the types of bonuses are generally the same. Some of the most common bonuses are mentioned below.

One of the most popular bonuses (among players, at least) available are the No Deposit Bonuses. As with all bonuses, these can vary in value depending on the casino. No matter what the value of the bonus, most casinos require that you download and install the software and open a real money account with them, from this point on the process varies from casino to casino. As with any and all other bonuses or promotions that you sign up for, you should read the terms and conditions so that you are clear on any play-through requirements and/or other conditions that may apply.

Several casinos offer what is called a match bonus. That means that the casino will match your deposit up to a certain percentage. Generally this percentage ranges from about 25% to 200%, sometimes they start a bit lower, sometimes a bit higher, but this is the general average range that you can usually find. There are certain terms and conditions that must be met with this type of bonus, such as a limit on how much the casino will match, play-through requirements, and sometimes the match bonus can only be played on certain games. Before signing up for any bonuses, read the terms and conditions so that you fully understand your obligations. If you still have questions after reading the terms and conditions, feel free to ask questions of their customer support team; that’s exactly what they are there for.

Yet another type of bonus that casinos offer is dependant on the payment method that you use. For example, several casinos offer a bonus structure tailored to those who deposit using Neteller. The basic steps involved in this are, of course, having an active Neteller account, depositing money into that account, and then depositing funds into your casino account using your Neteller account. Several casinos offer these bonuses on each Neteller deposit you make, not just the first one. Whether or not there is a weekly or monthly limit on the amount of Neteller bonuses that you can receive varies from casino to casino, sometimes radically, sometimes only slightly.

Be sure that you read the terms and conditions of each casino so that you can be sure to fully understand what you need to do to meet all of the requirements. For example, one casino may require you to email them and notify them of your qualification for the bonus, they may require a specific subject line and other specific information in that email; you should make yourself well aware of these requirements before signing up for the bonus. Neteller is not the only payment method that casinos offer deposit bonuses for, the payment method bonuses, as with other bonuses, vary from casino to casino.

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